All children must wear the full school uniform and should be neat and clean. Girls wear the school jumper with school crest, school pinafore, light blue shirt and navy tie. Boys wear grey trousers and the same coloured shirt, tie and jumper as the girls. Boys and girls wear navy or white socks and black school shoes. On P.E. days uniform tracksuits, polo shirts and dark-coloured rubber soled gym shoes should be worn. Uniform shorts may be worn on P.E. days on warm days, usually September and June.

Long hair should be tied back with blue, navy, black or white ribbon, slide, band or bobbin.

Jewellery is not allowed except for one pair of stud earrings worn in the lobes of the ears. No other body piercing is allowed. Nail varnish is not allowed.

Children wearing the school uniform reflect the ethos and discipline of the school. It is expected, therefore, that they behave accordingly on their way to and from school and when wearing the school uniform in public places, including and especially on any organised school outings.

All parts of uniform and P.E. clothes must be clearly marked with child’s name.

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Do it in Memory Mass
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Do it in Memory Mass - Corpus Christi
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