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Covid Plans and Procedures

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Full Risk Assessment 2021.docx

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The most uptodate information and videos regarding the Reopening of schools can be found below



Official Documents

COVID-19_Policy Statement - 2021.docx

Loreto School_Response_Plan_March 2021.docx

Full Risk Assessment for Covid response.docx

This is a guide for parents as to when to keep your child home.

When to keep my child home

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If your child has been absent for any illness we need you to sign the return to school declaration form now available on Aladdin. Go raibh míle maith agaibh!

Below is our policy for Remote learning should we ever be in that situation again.

Loreto P.S. Remote_Teaching_Learning_Plan 2020.docx

If your child has asthma and normally gets a cough throughout the winter months please fill in the following form and return it or email it to the class teacher or the office. GRMA

Chronic symptoms Parental Declaration Form

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This is our draft plan for the school re-opening and the children and staff's safe return. Please read carefully. This is subject to change and will be updated regularly. We appreciate everyone's co-operation with this plan and we will do our best to make drop-off and pick ups as easy as possible under the circumstances. Plans will change as we continue to monitor the situation day to day. Please bear with us as this is a huge learning curve and a strategic challenge for us all.

Draft Plan Version 9 detailing logistics of reopening.docx

COVID-19 Resources - Sharon Salzberg

These plans are working documents and will be updated as needed.

Loreto COVID-19 Policy Statement.docx


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