Loreto Primary School, Dalkey

Mission Statement and Ethos


The Loreto principles of truth, justice, freedom, sincerity and joy underpin teaching and learning in Loreto Primary School, Dalkey.

We endeavour to embody the educational and religious philosophy of the Loreto tradition. This philosophy is centred in God, rooted in gospel values and derives its specific expression from Mary Ward (foundress of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary – known as Loreto in Ireland) and her core values of Truth, Freedom, Justice, Sincerity, Joy and Reflection.

We strive to ensure that our school community is a place where the potential of each individual is recognised and respected, where excellence is pursued and where staff, parents and students co-operate for the common good. This is encapsulated in our Mission Statement.

Mission Statement

Within the Loreto Philosophy of Education and evolving from that philosophy our school is characterised by the following:

It is a friendly, welcoming place where staff, children and parents experience a sense of warmth, friendship and belonging and where we emphasise the dignity and equality of all people in the school community.

Our aim is the pursuit of excellence through a holistic education based on Gospel values. We strive to develop children’s self-esteem and to motivate them to achieve their full potential where they are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions.

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