Ash Wednesday 2021

Ash Wednesday 2021

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent. Lent is a time to look at how we live our lives and to reflect on our relationships with God, other people and the environment. We all need time out from our busy lives just to think and reflect – to get in touch with how we are really feeling deep inside; to reflect on whether we are living in the way Jesus asked us to live.

Just like us, Jesus needed and sought out quiet spaces where he could reflect and pray and get in touch with his innermost thoughts. St Luke tells us the story of what happened when Jesus went into the desert after John had baptised him in the River Jordan.

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In Lent we are called to forgive others who have hurt us and to ask for forgiveness for the wrong things we have done. It is not always easy to forgive others. When we feel hurt it can be difficult to forgive the person who has hurt us. We too, need to be forgiven for the hurt we have caused other people.

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Prayer for Forgiveness

O my God, help me to remember the times when I didn't live as Jesus asked me to.
Help me to be sorry and to try again. Amen

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. On that day we wear ashes on our forehead as a sign that we admit our failing and that we want to try again to live up to the goodness that we know is within us.

During the season of Lent we, too, try to resist temptation. The Church asks all of us to do three things during Lent: to pray, to abstain from some of the things we like, and to give to others.

While Ash Wednesday 2021 will be mostly without ashes, families can still pray, fast and be generous this lent.
As a family you might like to pray this prayer together every day during Lent.

The Spirit led Jesus into the desert so that he could be closer to God the Father.
May the same Spirit of God help us to live up to the goodness that God sees in each of us.
May the Spirit of God be with us today and every day of our lives. Amen

Click on the image below to watch a short video to see how you can become a better person this Lent and draw closer to God and each other.

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